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arrowEuropean citizens do not need a visa to enter Montenegro
arrow Budva is main tourist city in Montenegro

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Practical Montenegro info


Travel within Montenegro

All main roads in Montenegro are in good condition. Be aware that roads in Montenegro are with very sharp bends and sudden curves - that especially stands for Cetinje - Budva road and many smaller roads connecting Montenegrin towns. Some tunnels do not have a lights. It is mandatory to drive with ligths turned on and safety belt or a driver could face a fee. You can hire a car in Montenegro, all bigger towns have car rental services. Please note when we say "bigger towns", whats stands for bigger town in Montenegro is considered smaller town in UK for instance. You can use bus transport as well, tickets are cheap and service is good although buses in Montenegro are a bit outdated. You can use Montenegro maps featured on this website when planning your trip to Montenegro - particularly usefull is detailed Montenegro map with roads, click here to acces it.


Official currency in Montenegro is EURO. Finding a bank or exchange office is easy. The problem might arrise when you want to change checks, some banks in Montenegro will not accept them. Credit cards are starting to be used more and more and in general you will not have problems paying with CC but for smaller day to day payoffs you must have some cash since it is still prefered payment method in Montenegro. ATM machines can be found in all bigger towns


For european citizens visas are not required if you don't plan to stay for more than 30 days. The UK embassy is not yet established in Montenegro so Belgrade office have to be used. Follow this link for informations.

Air Travel

Two international airports are present in Montenegro: Tivat airport and Podgorica airport. Sometimes people use neighbouring Croatian airport in Dubrovnik (cilipi) to visit montenegro. Official company is Montenegro Airlines, but Serbian company JAT is offten used for flights to Montenegro. JAT flies from Belgrade to Podgorica and Tivat several times a day. Montenegro Airlines fly between Belgrade and Podgorica and has flights to Budapest, Frankfurt and Zurich. Lufthansa and Aeroflot also fly between Podgorica and Belgrade. BA has daily flights to Dubrovnik airport. We are planning to put a detailed airlines Montenegro map on this pages so bookmark this site to check back.


Tourism is expanding in Montenegro at very fast pace. The majority of tourists comes, besides from neighbouring Serbia, from Russia, UK, Check republic and other european countries. Tourist map of Montenegro gives good overview.


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